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Dr. Nate Spangler, MS, DC

Dr. Spangler has over 20 years of experience in the fitness and sports chiropractic fields.  He is the owner of Trailhead Sports Clinic and Myofly Therapeutic Massage and directs patient care.  He practices gentle manipulations, myofascial cupping, Graston Technique and rehabilitation training.  He is currently the Clinic Director for Trailhead Sports Clinic and Myofly Therapeutic Massage.

Dr. Spangler has a deep interest in fascial manipulation and soft tissue release techniques.  He will get your mobility back with various techniques then teach you how to keep it.  


Corey DuPont, DPT

Practicing Physical Therapy (PT) since 2008, Dr. Corey has combined his experiences and training in both the Outpatient and Home Health PT realms creating a truly customized treatment approach to meet your needs for rehab at home and on your terms. His expertise is in orthopedic injury and recovery, chronic pain, and vestibular rehab, with extensive training in those fields.
After his years of experience as a PT in the healthcare field and being frustrated with the regulatory burdens and restrictions placed on physical therapy by third party entities, he has launched DuPont Wellness, a cash-based, private, mobile physical therapy practice in the Boise Area.  This places you in control of your care on your terms, and allows Dr. Corey the freedom to dedicate full-hour sessions 1:1 with clients in their home, at work, the gym or the outdoors. As a result, outcomes are achieved in far fewer visits than seen in clinic settings.


Dr. Henry LaCoursiere, DC

Dr. Henry is a recent graduate from Northwestern Health Sciences University. With a passion for the outdoors and active lifestyles he has spent his years in school finding ways to get people from all walks of life moving and functioning at their best. He has a deep focus on education and empowerment, driving others towards embracing the resilient nature of the wonderful bodies we have been given. With an evidence-based mindset he is always looking to meet others where they are at and create the best plan of action for each individual he works with. He finds value in treating the person and not chasing pain or diagnosis.

With a history in a multitude of traditional sports along with powerlifting, bodybuilding, snowboarding, and rock climbing he finds all sorts of ways to help others to enjoy life without limitations. He has a special place in his heart for those with persistent pain, caring most for getting people back to living and feeling comfortable in their bodies so that they are prepared for the challenges of everyday life.


Bailey Evenson, ATC

Bailey is an athletic trainer and then newest member of our team. She received her bachelor’s degree in athletic training from Grand Canyon University, and is currently working towards earning her master’s degree in kinesiology from Dallas Baptist University. Bailey has worked closely with various athletes from the high school level to the professional level, working along side MLB players. She has multiple years of experience treating and rehabilitating orthopedic injuries. She has a passion for helping support the athletic and active population get back to doing what they love. In the future she would one day like to open her own sports performance complex with a variety of healthcare professionals to help streamline the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries for athletic population


Dr. Kendrick Tweedt, DC, CCSP

Dr. Tweedt was a High School and Collegiate distance runner until he suffered an injury. It was then that he realized that he wanted to help other athletes with their injury recovery and prevention process. Dr. Tweedt has been dedicated to this mission with a post doctorate education in sports medicine, and over 28 years of experience in sports injury and family care. In addition to helping his patients, he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family.

Dr. Tweedt is also certified in Dry Needling which is a technique used to help his patients heal faster and decrease their pain.  

Dr. Tweedt is currently not seeing patients and is directing all patient care to Dr. Spangler

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