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Our clinic's goal is to help you maintain your active way of life and be your trusted source to overcome physical setbacks with precise rehab driven chiropractic care and therapeutic massage.



A Decade of 5-Star Reviews

We pride ourselves on providing patients with excellent services and delivering superior results. If you’d like to get an idea of the experiences that past patients have had with our family and sports chiropractic services, take a look at our patient testimonials below. Our patients understand the benefits of working with the best Sports Medicine and Family Chiropractic Physicians in Boise.


Deborah Z.
Google Review

I am new to Boise and have been in search of chiropractic work that focuses on the entire body including muscles and connective tissue and I finally found it! Just in my first appointment, I could feel the difference in my trouble areas, stand up taller and sit with better posture! The whole team seemed to truly care and took the time and energy to really focus on what I needed.

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Founder of Trailhead Sports Clinic | Clinic Director

Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine | Master's in Exercise and Sports Science

In practice, I utilize manual therapies that are gentle and effective at restoring mobility.  

My goal for each patient is to accurately diagnose the problem. and restore mobility using hands-on techniques, then teach you self-care to manage the issue on your own.  

My team has been carefully selected to emulate the Trailhead ideology - to add depth to your understanding of movement and strength.  

All Doctors and Therapists working in our clinic have the same goals for you - return you to your active way of life quickly, safely and empowered with new self-care skills.

Patient-Centered Care.



Lead Sports and Family Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Azevedo is a graduate from the University of Western States in Portland Oregon.  He is currently finishing his specialty master's degree in Exercise and Sports Studies with a Sports Medicine emphasis.

Dr. Azevedo is uniquely skilled in manual therapies, k-tape and rehab training for a multitude of injuries and conditions.  Dr. Azevedo uses traditional adjustments only when absolutely indicated and follows the motto "less is more" when choosing his treatment protocol.

Dr. Azevedo works closely with founder and creator of Trailhead, Dr. Nate Spangler, MS, DC.  Dr. Spangler is the clinic director.  He assists with clinical decision making and directs patient care for Trailhead and Myofly Therapeutic Massage.



Sports and Family Chiropractor

Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine | Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

Dr. Tweedt has been in practice for 28 years in Boise.  He is a well known physician in Idaho and has specialty training in sports medicine and dry needling.

Dr. Tweedt was Dr. Spangler's original mentor before entering professional training 16 years ago.  He is a trusted source for quality sports and family chiropractic care.  



Gentle Chiropractic Care

Dr. Spangler uses gentle chiropractic manipulations when they are needed.  The primary methods of treatment are focused on soft tissue pliability, strength training and self-care.  

Our patients appreciate Dr. Spangler's approach to manual medicine and rehab.  Many patients do not need joint mobilization.  The therapy applied precisely targets the structures and tissues at the root of the problem.

Once mobility is restored, re-learning movements is the key to long-lasting relief from pain.



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