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Trailhead Sports Clinic and Myofly Massage

1625 W. State Street, Suite 100 Boise, Idaho 83702 

Our clinic is in the prime location of the Northend and just few blocks away from Downtown Boise. 

We have 2 chiropractic rooms and 4 massage therapy rooms which are connected to our rehabilitative and exercise gym!


Dr. Nate Spangler, MS, DC

Owner of Trailhead Sports Clinic | Clinic Director

Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine | Master's in Exercise and Sports Science

In practice, I utilize manual therapies that are gentle and effective at restoring mobility.  

My goal for each patient is to accurately diagnose the problem. I restore mobility using hands-on techniques, then teach you self-care to manage the issue on your own.  

My team of multi-skilled therapists add depth to your understanding of movement and strength.  

Our approach is comprehensive and unique to Boise.  

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Dr. Jim Thornburg, MS, DC

Lead Sports and Family Chiropractor

Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine | Master's in Exercise and Sports Science

Dr. Jim is a solid leader in the field of Sports Chiropractic.  Innovator and inventor of the soft tissue instrument The T-Tool.

Dr. Thornburg's approach to sports chiropractic is quite similar to Dr. Spangler's.  He is now the lead physician for all of Trailhead's patients and clients.  He oversees the massage therapy department as well for Myofly Therapeutic Massage.


Dr. Rick Tweedt, DC, CCSP

Sports and Family Chiropractor

Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine | Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

Dr. Tweedt has been in practice for 28 years in Boise.  He is a well known physician in Idaho and has specialty training in sports medicine and dry needling.

Dr. Tweedt was Dr. Spangler's original mentor before entering professional training 16 years ago.  He is a trusted source for quality sports and family chiropractic care.  



Gentle Chiropractic Care

Dr. Spangler uses gentle chiropractic manipulations when they are needed.  The primary methods of treatment are focused on soft tissue pliability, strength training and self-care.  

Our patients appreciate Dr. Spangler's approach to manual medicine and rehab.  Many patients do not need joint mobilization.  The therapy applied precisely targets the structures and tissues at the root of the problem.

Once mobility is restored, re-learning movements is the key to long-lasting relief from pain.


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1625 West State Street, Boise, Idaho 83702



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